THANK YOU ALL FOR A WONDERFUL 2017 SEASON!       Bookings for 2018 open on April 1st!

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   SavourThe Flavours

       A Culinary Walking Tour of Orangeville

Long-time friends Lynda and Irene delight in exploring  communities and embarking on adventures involving charming surroundings, fun and laughter.  Somehow, this combination always seems to revolve around food!

Because passions are meant to be shared, we want to share with you our love of food in Orangeville!  With well over a dozen marvelous independent food proprietors in the picturesque downtown core alone, Orangeville offers a wide range of culinary  delights to bring out the Foodie in you.

Join us on a Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. for a stroll as we explore the vibrant downtown food culture of Orangeville, and more importantly,  Savour the Flavours of Orangeville together.